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Preventive dentistry

Making a good first impression with good Dental Health

 I can tell a lot about a patients overall general health just by a 30 second scan of the gingival or gum tissue. ...
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Dentist recomends Fluoride

Bottled Water: Getting enough Fluoride?

Most bottled waters lack the proper amount of fluoride which is commonly found in public water, toothpaste...
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Best Dentist in Glendale

"Best Dentist in Glendale 2009!"

It is a great honor to be nominated for “Best Dentist in Glendale 2009” by Best of LA Television Series....
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Implant dentistry Glendale, CA

No Need To Hide Your Smile!

DENTAL IMPLANTS - If you are missing or lost a tooth or more our Glendale dentist has the solution for you!...Read Article

Sedation dentistry Glendale, CA

Sedation & Relaxation for Dental Phobia

Many people are afraid to go to the dentist because of the traditional pain related with it. Today, oral sedation dentistry is the most common method used to control the dental fears of patients...Read Sedation Dentistry

Dental X-Rays

The Next Generation of Dental X-Rays

Cone beam imaging is one of the most important breakthroughs in dental radiology, and has proven effective for a wide range of care and treatment applications...Read X-Rays Article