"The Other Side" Blog

Why "The Other Side "Blog?

I have decided that the typical dental news letter is passé and unread by most patients. There is a beautiful side of general dentistry that only a select few have privileged to experience. Every day, I have the opportunity to catch-up with the many patients that have become close friends over the past thirty years. Now, taking care of my third and fourth (OMG!) generation of patients, I go through the joys and tears as well as the triumphs and heartaches associated with life that only those that are very close are allowed to experience.

This is a unique look into a side of my practice that makes me laugh and cry. I am able to help others, while fueling the many aspects of my own life as a husband, father, and now grandfather. It will be in the form of a blog that I call “The Other Side”. This blog is an ongoing account of the daily experiences that have made my profession one of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of my life.

Dr. Gary O’Brien

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