Dental Bridges

dental bridges in Glendale, CA

Bridges are made of false teeth, and are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth. The false teeth are known as pontics. Bridges can be permanent or removable. If a patient has missing teeth, this can cause several problems that bridges can help prevent, such as bad bite, gum disease or tooth decay. Also it can improve your smile giving you a beautiful appearance that can last up to ten years or more with the correct care.

Dentists use three types of dental bridges: Traditional bridges, Cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges.

Traditional bridges, as the name states, are the most common bridges dentists use on patients. They are made up of a pontic (false tooth) in between two porcelain crowns.

Cantilever Bridges are commonly used on front teeth when there is only one tooth on the side of the missing tooth.

Maryland Bridges are made of a false tooth fused by a metal band. This type of bridge is commonly used when there are front gaps.

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