Professional Dentist in Burbank, CA
Gary R. O’Brien, D.D.S

If you are not happy with your smile or the way your teeth look come visit our Burbank dentist. Dr. O’ Brien is the best cosmetic and general dentist in Burbank. Dr. O’Brien and his dental staff will work very hard to provide you the most beautiful smile while taking into account all your dental needs. Dr. O’Brien will explain every procedure carefully and make you feel at ease and comfortable at his Burbank dental office.

About Our Dentist in Burbank

Dentist in Burbank, CA

Dr. O’Brien completed his dental education at the University of Southern California in June 1981. Dr. O’Brien graduated at the top of his class with the Highest Honors. Dr. O’brien has always been very diligent in his studies and research and that is why he was the recipient of 9 awards for scholastic achievement. He has more than 25 years experience in general dentistry and has been practicing procedures at the highest level. If you have a complex dental problem he is the Burbank dentist you want treating you.
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Our Dentist in Burbank is a Dental Implant Specialist:

Burbank Dental Implant

During his graduate training, our Burbank dentist, Dr. O’Brien became very interested in implant research. Dr. O’Brien has written several publications about dental implants and has several patents on implant systems. Dr. O’Brien has trained many dentists throughout the world in implant techniques. Most of the dental implants in the field have some aspect that our dentist in Burbank developed.
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Sedation Dentistry is Used by our Burbank Dentist

Sedation Dentistry Burbank

Our Burbank dentist is one of the few dentists in Burbank who uses the most advanced and safest form of conscious sedation. When using sedation dentistry our Burbank dentist and staff are able to start and complete all your surgical and restorative needs while you are safely resting in a timeless quiet state. Any fear or dental phobia will be quickly forgotten as our caring staff and Burbank dentist care for you in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.
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All Dental Procedures in Just One Place – State of the Art Burbank Practice

Dr. O’Brien is trained to perform any general or cosmetic dentistry procedure such as implants, cosmetic reconstruction, fillings, root canals, bridges, and laser treatments. Your smile and your overall health are our first priority. We often use our state of the art operation facility in Burbank to perform our surgical procedures while providing you with the most sterile environment.

Our highly sophisticated equipment allows our Burbank dentist to see in great detail what your bone structure looks like with 3D Imaging. Also, if you have a dental problem or need a quick procedure to improve your smile, lasers can be used. Our Burbank dentist uses lasers for several procedures such as teeth whitening, gum shaping, and periodontal treatments. The advantages of using lasers are improved precision, diminished pain and recovery time.
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Visit Our Dentist in Burbank, California

Dentist in Burbank, California

Dr. O’Brien’s approach to cosmetic dentistry involves a team effort and it includes you in the decision making process. When you want a beautiful smile, which will improve your overall health and increase your confidence and self esteem, come to our Burbank dental office and learn about your options.

Our Burbank dentist and staff are guided by honesty, integrity, and efficiency combined with applied research and education. If you are looking for a highly experienced and qualified Burbank dentist with caring and well trained staff visit our state of the art facility in Burbank, CA. Call our dentist in Burbank to schedule an appointment.