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Welcome to our Los Angeles dental office. Dr. O’Brien is one of the best dentist in Los Angeles. Dr. O’ Brien has developed many of the techniques being used today. If you want a beautiful smile from a skilled caring Los Angeles dentist then you have come to the right place.

Premier Dentist in Los Angeles

Dr. O’Brien became one of the premier dentists in Los Angeles, thanks to his gifted dental skills and commitment to researching the best dental techniques to help improve patients' dental health while giving them a beautiful aesthetic smile. Dr. O’Brien trained to increase his skill set and has developed and patented some of the materials being used in implants today.
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Our Los Angeles Dental Office and Staff

Our Los Angeles dental office has the highest technology while still maintaining core values of compassionate care for patients. The staff at the Los Angeles dental office is very well trained, intelligent and loves to take care of patients' needs. This Los Angeles dental staff was chosen because of experience in the field and warm caring personalities.

Gary R. O’Brien won the Best of LA TV’s 2009

 dentist los angeles winner

In 2009 Dr. O’Brien was nominated the best general dentist in Los Angeles. Gary R. O’Brien won the Best of LA TV’s 2009 Viewers’ Choice Award as an example of perfection and professionalism. View Video

Los Angeles Dental Services 

Los Angeles Dental Services

Procedures performed in our Los Angeles dental office include dental implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic reconstruction, and laser treatments.

At this Los Angeles Dental office we offer prosthetics, aesthetics, conscious sedation, full mouth reconstructions, new diagnostics tools such as 3D imaging, fillings, root canals, and reconstructive work to treat periodontal disease.

Dr. O’Brien is able to provide periodontal treatments and endodontic therapy. Using state of the art bone grafting techniques and dental implants, Dr. O’Brien offers patients the most natural solution to missing teeth. For all of our cosmetic restorations, such as crowns, veneers, bridges, or dentures, we work with only the best labs to ensure the most beautiful results.

Relax while we make your smile beautiful

Dr. O’ Brien is one of the few dentists in Los Angeles that has a conscious sedation license. This sedation treatment will ensure that any procedure will be done without any pain or discomfort and will help to relax and put your mind at ease.

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Come visit our Los Angeles dentist if you want a beautiful smile that will improve your overall health and self esteem in a safe worry and pain free environment. We strive to keep our patients happy and entertained while they get the best smile makeover they could ever hope for. At this Los Angeles dental office your comfort and care are the most important priority to us. If you have not been to the dentist in a while or are afraid, you can relax because most of the procedures can be completed with lasers or under sedation.

Dr. O’ Brien’s skills and attention to detail can be seen in the results of his work while performing some of the most intricate and high tech procedures. If you want to have the best dentist in the country, along with the most professional staff, in a high tech facility visit our Los Angeles dental office today.

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