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A beautiful smile can give you confidence and boost your self esteem. Also, having good healthy teeth contributes to your overall health. Research has shown that not caring for your teeth can be a precursor to other health problems. If you have not been to the dentist in a while or are afraid, even though you have persistent dental problems, visit our Pasadena dental practice today.

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Our Pasadena Dentist, Dr. Gary O’Brien, is a genius when it comes to providing the best treatment while making the patient feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. O’Brien is a very kind and compassionate dentist in Pasadena who likes to teach his patients in a comforting and relaxing environment.

Dr. O Brien graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry with the Highest Honors. Our Pasadena dentist has trained thousands of doctors in the basic science of implant placement and bone physiology on four major continents over the past 25 years.
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Meet the Dental Team

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Each member of the staff is dedicated to providing the most compassionate care to patients. This rare and unique quality of truly caring about each patient’s individual needs is something that is evident when you walk into this Pasadena dental practice. Dr. Gary O’Brien’s team is all trained and equipped with the most advanced cutting edge equipment and materials to assure that the patient receives the best care available. Our Pasadena dentist and staff are trained in the latest techniques and continue researching about future trends in dentistry.
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Offering All Dental Procedures

 Dental Procedures in Pasadena, CA

Our Pasadena dentist offers a comprehensive and complete dental care package that encompasses all dental areas. At our Pasadena dental practice we have procedures to cover all your dental needs. We offer endodontics, prosthetics, aesthetics, conscious sedation, implants, full mouth reconstructions, new diagnostics tools such as 3D imaging, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges and reconstructive work to treat periodontal disease. Read More Procedures

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Nowadays, Dr. O’Brien at his Pasadena dental private practice “Gary O’Brien D.D.S. Inc” in Pasadena, California is using his skills and advanced techniques to treat all his patients. Even though this is a state of the art facility where some of the most complex procedures in the field are performed, it still has a family atmosphere. Dr. O’Brien and his staff truly care and treat their patients in a relaxed, friendly and care free environment. It is in your best interest to visit our comfortable high tech Pasadena dental practice today. View Pictures

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“I will personally assure you, that you will walk away with a smile that reflects the uniqueness of quality care combined with old fashion values that are applied using tomorrow’s technology, today.”

We all look forward to meeting you soon!

Gary R. O’Brien, D.D.S. – Pasadena Dentist

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