Bottled Water: are you getting enough Fluoride?

Do You Drink Mostly Bottled Water?

You might not be getting enough Fluoride!

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Are you one of those people that can’t leave the house without your bottle of water? And is that the only kind of water you drink? Then, you need to know that most bottled waters lack fluoride which is commonly found in public water and as we all know; the myth that "only children need fluoride" has been busted. Sometimes we need more fluroide than what water and toothpaste can provide us and that's when we need to consider having a fluoride treatment by our Pasadena dentist. We can all benefit from this incredibly useful mineral which prevents tooth decay, cavities and strengthens tooth enamel by fighting bacteria in children and adults!

How do I know if I may need a fluoride treatment:

  • If you have visible holes in teeth and toothaches.
  • If you have had fillings done within the past year.
  • If you wear braces, have crowns and/or bridges. These oral devices gather a lot of bacteria and you may require more fluoride intake to remove it.
  • If your gums look like they have been pulled away from your teeth.
  • If you have dry mouth or take medications that causes this.

How can Dr. O’Brien and his team treat you?

Our gentle and caring dentists near Pasadena will attend your needs with open arms. A fluoride treatment consists of applying a varnish, foam or gel into a mouth guard which you only have to wear for a few minutes. After this you can go home and keep on with the treatment using recommended toothpaste or a prescribed gel which will ensure you receive the proper amount of fluoride you need. Dietary vitamins may also be advised.

If you are used to drinking mostly bottled water look at the label to make sure it contains fluoride! Also, the tap water your drink should contain the right levels of fluoride which should be between 0.70 mg/L and 1.20 mg/L. You can get more information about this by contacting you local water supplier or visiting the California Department of Public Health

Keep in mind that our Pasadena dentists will be more than happy to help you get the right amount of fluoride you need to have a healthy smile!


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