Gary O'Brien DDS, Dentist Glendale

Dentist and Staff

Gary R. O'Brien, D.D.S.

Dr. O'Brien completed his dental education in June of 1981. He graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry with Highest Honors. He was the recipient of nine awards and letters of accommodation including the Robert McNulty Memorial Award for Highest Scholastic achievement. During his graduate training, Dr. O'Brien was very active in implant research.
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Tami Polizzoto Office Manager

Tami Polizzotto

I am the office manager for Dr. Gary O'Brien. I have been managing and consulting for over 22 years. I have been trained by consultants that are the very best in this business. I will never leave this office in Glendale. This is where I want to retire. In all my years of dentistry I have never met a nicer dentist than Dr. O'Brien. He is not only ethical but I believe he is a prodigy of dentistry. Dr. O'Brien treats all of us like royalty. I am honored to be a part of this team!

Stacy Huber Dental Assistant

Stacey Huber

My name is Stacey and I am Dr. O'Brien's assistant. Sitting by Dr. O'Brien's side allows me to see the quality of his treatment and how genuinely caring he is. Dr. O 'Brien's dentistry is so amazing that I feel priveleged to be a part of it. Our friendly staff makes everyone feel so comfortable. This is the greatest place that I have ever worked! This is my family!

Sonia Crutcher Dental Claims

Sonia Crutcher

I have worked for Dr. O'Brien for years. I do the billing and dental claims. Dr O'Brien is not only a great professional, he is also a very compassionate and fine man, whom I enjoy working with very much. He is not only my boss, he is a friend who always cares for all of his patients and his staff. Working here is fun and I am proud to be part of this team.

Jennifer Madrigal Hygienist

Jennifer Madrigal

I am the hygienist for Dr. O'Brien. I graduated from a well respected private school, San Joaquin Valley College, in Visalia. In addition, I am also licensed in laser therapy. Before hygiene, I was a dental assistant for 7 years and worked in General Practice, Endodontics, Periodontics and Oral Surgery. Being trained and educated by a world renowned dentist who practices such an excellent quality of dental care is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Annie Echeverria Dental Assistant

Annie Echeverria

I have worked for Dr. O'Brien for over 14 years. I am a registered dental assistant. I enjoy working for Dr. O'Brien because he is such a wonderful and honest dentist. I also love working with all of my co-workers because we work as a team and a family. I'm blessed and I'm happy to work for Dr. O'Brien.

America Figueroa Dental Assistant

America Figueroa

I have worked with Dr. O'Brien for 20 years. I am a registered dental assistant. I enjoy working with our friendly patients, staff, and Dr. O'Brien.