Sleep Dentistry known as Conscious Sedation

I have been using Conscious Sedation in the office since 1984. However, in the past the application was limited to only those cases that were high risk. Most of those cases I felt that it was in the patients best interest to work with an MD Anesthesiologist. With the advancements of short acting high-tech drugs and reversal agents, a whole new dimension has been introduced to my profession and practice. The training was very demanding and the license is difficult to maintain but the results are very safe. I have a very efficient office and staff that is ready for all emergencies.

Sedation dentistry Glendale, CA

The reason that Conscious Sedation is so safe today is due to the new category of drugs called reversal agents. I only use drugs in the dental office that can be totally reversed in less than a minute! Think about the brilliance behind this new category of drugs. I am able to give the patient enough medication that I can complete some or all of the patient’s dental work in one visit. If at any time I feel that there is something wrong or the monitors say the patient needs to be more awake, I am able to introduce the reversal drugs and within seconds the patient is fully alert and safe.

I have been in dentistry 29 years. I have been blessed with the gift of being able to provide all my patients with most all their dental needs. Now, I am able to even touch the lives of those patients that just fear going to the dentist. This fear is real and has been a problem in the past. Today, these patients that have not been cared for properly in the past are able to have their dentistry completed while they are resting. There is absolutely no recall of the visit or any work that was completed. Personally, I feel these new drugs and their application in dentistry is one of the greatest advancements I have seen in my profession.

If you have had problems in the past with traumatic experiences in the dental office, let me show you how easy it is to save your smile while you “sleep” in our fully equipped state of the art private operating facility.


Gary R. O’Brien, D.D.S.