Stress Diversion System ™

This video that you are about to watch addresses one of the most perplexing issues Doctors face in the field of Implant dentistry. I have spent 26 years researching the bone implant connection and the ever growing problem of bone loss associated with the implant which if not treated properly leads to implant failures. This problem is a very complex multi-factorial issue which to date has no real scientific solutions. Design of the implant thread and the shape of the implant are some of the well accepted and most commonly addressed etiologies by all progressive implant manufactures. I designed and patented the SDS implant in 1989. Since then, most implants on the market today use some or all of these features described within the video.

I am very proud to say that all the graphics and animation were designed and created by me in 1990. The video was designed to assist doctors confused by this process of bone loss with the intent of helping all patients around the world.

Although some of the material may be somewhat technical, I believe that all my patients deserve the opportunity to benefit from this knowledge. Today the SDS implants are the only implants used in my practice. It has been a great pleasure to see my thoughts accepted by the FDA as a Class III medical devise and allow all doctors the opportunity to take advantage of the most advanced dental implant design in the world.

I want to thank ACE Surgical for assisting me in realizing my dreams and helping all of my patients that receive dental implants.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and enjoy this video, it is truly a labor of love for me.

Gary R. O’Brien, D.D.S.

Doctor Education